Young men and women follow father Jordan, living by the Gospel and being witnesses of Christ on earth

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FJY diary

FJY. Marineth.

I am Marineth Bay, 16 years old, and currently residing here in Talon. I was born on January 29, 1993, my father died a few years ago and now I am living with my Mom, Aurora, my step-father, Sofronio Dano and my two siblings, Archie and Nocnoc. I graduated from Talon National High School and I am proud of being “FJY’s” member.


Fr. Jordan became my inspiration; he made me think about those things that I did not mind at all before and my membership to a church organization is one of them. Through it I was able to know myself better; I realized that I have to be closer to God so I can serve Him more. Furthermore Fr. Jordan has kept me reminded about prayer, it is a very effective solution to whatever problems I encounter, it is like a strong potion which is an all-cure to any illness. Prayers can also bring me hope.


Knowing Fr. Jordan’s life and works helped me realize that we have something in common. We both came from poor families with many trials but we were aware of the support and confident of the loving presence of each other. So, we endured those difficulties. Fr. Jordan was a loving son to his parents and a very good brother to his siblings. I think, I am, too! We both extended assistance and became friends to many. In spite of the many difficulties he had, he remained faithful to his vocation. He kept himself resilient against temptations. I have been trying to do the same. Finally, I have been trying to be a good role model to other teen-agers like me, just like how Fr. Jordan did.


The only difference is that he ended up as a priest and would be a saint very soon. As for me, I want to be a competent and caring teacher.


I am so lucky to be a part of a church organization like FJY. My membership to this organization made my life busy, exciting, and productive. We, as members were given opportunities to participate in a lot of activities that brought us fulfillment.  We had Bible sharing. It made me see my inner self better. We served in Sunday masses at least once a month. We visited the center for special and disabled children who are under the care of the Hospitaller Brothers. I will not forget the delight that these children demonstrated as we fed and cleaned them. We helped organize and facilitated a summer graduation ceremony. We did many other tasks. Others were church-related, others were not. But one thing is sure, I enjoyed all of them! FJY colored my world! (Do I sound like a song?)


I was a bit cautious to be with them at the beginning. Later on, all of them became my friends. Through the encouragement of the members and the guidance of the Salvatorian priests and seminarians, I was able to improve myself. Their presence gave me confidence. They assured me that aside from my family, I have another one to turn to. They gave me attention. They helped me commune with God. Maraming salamat po! (Thank You Very Much!)


Despite all these transformations, a streak of naughtiness remains in me at times. I still question and break rules. I am continuing to commit mistakes. But due to self-awareness and frequent reminders, I can now make amends and correct whatever is wrong.