Young men and women follow father Jordan, living by the Gospel and being witnesses of Christ on earth

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FJY diary

Message (Fr. Hubert)

It has been one year now, that the FATHER JORDAN YOUTH came into existence. Some might say, there is not much to celebrate, it’s only one year. Yet, it is something very special, that we have experienced the last 12 month. A youth group came up with various activities, service in liturgy, outreach programs, cultural program, religious program. It is really a rich program , which enriches the members as well as the catholic community of Talon, respectively St. Mary Magdalene Parish, Amadeo. The group has developed a good sense for friendship, comradeship and faithfulness. And they bear the name of Father Jordan, who was a very faithful and zealous witness of the gospel. Father Jordan understood and promoted the importance of the lay apostolate and youth formation. According to him every Christian has to become an apostle. God gave everybody a special gift to give witness for God’s love. If everybody picks up that mission, the lay people will be much more effective than all the priests in the world can ever be. The FJY is something unique in the world. There are around 3000 Salvatorians in the world: Fathers, brothers, sisters and lay. Many of our Salvatorian brothers and sisters are doing a fine job in youth ministry all over the world, but there is nowhere a Salvatorian youth. It makes me happy, and also a little bit proud, to have that here in Talon. I think Father Jordan is also happy, that there is a youth group, which picks up his ideas of being apostles for our time, in our circumstances and with our God-given possibilities.


I congratulate the Father Jordan Youth. May you grow and continue to prosper in many, many years to come. Thank you for enriching our Salvatorian community!


Through the intercession of our venerable founder Father Francis Mary of the Cross Jordan may we grow in the discipleship of our Lord and in the service of our fellow people.


Yours in the Savior,

Fr. Hubert Kranz, SDS