Young men and women follow father Jordan, living by the Gospel and being witnesses of Christ on earth

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Fr. Jordan


On the place of recollection I see them happy but serious, I was wondering of what they are doing…At the beginning I was bored, these has changed immediately when they called me and asked me to come in front of the group. I was requested to cut a piece of paper. So I asked what was it for. A minute passed by, and the paper turned to be a cross… “It was amazing”…I told to myself, “I will teach my friend this art, the art of God…”

The Salvatorian sisters (who helped in our recollection) have taught us a lot of good things, They taught us the techniques to be a good leader and also a member, they taught us to realize how good or bad we are with other. And afterwards we were given a chance for our confession with Fr. Troy and Fr. Hubert…

I also love the part “break time”… After eating, each of us was assigned to different places to reflect on the Gospel we read before the break time. At that time, I cried and realized that I am bad in so many things; I was a bossy person always demanding people this and that. But after that I felt good enough to tell them how sorry I am, to tell them “I AM SORRY FOR THE THINGS THAT I HAVE DONE”

After this recollection we were planning to get a next recollection, I hope it will come true, because a recollection like this is really a chance to look deeply into ourselves and “clean” our hearts.


FJY. Nico